Moments of Enlightenment

Gepost 06/08/2013

 Every month I receive the online monthly Shaumbra magazine from the Crimson Circle. This month again I was touched by the article ‘Moments of Enlightenmentfrom Jean Tinder in her column Shaumbra Heartbeat. I always admire her writings and feel in some kind familiar with her in our ‘human evolution with regard to consciousness’ within the Shaumbra group and of course our choice for natural enlightenment (embodied enlightenment).

 Jean’s article was about her moment of realization, words became real and that it’s really does begin to happen.. and Yes, we both have chosen it in this lifetime. I use her words unchanged and they touched me, because they could be my lines and I felt tears coming up..

  “It is a foregone conclusion. I will experience my enlightenment this lifetime. I KNOW it in every cell of my being. I can no longer ‘get it wrong,’ there’s nothing more to figure out, and nothing left to prove – to me or anyone else.

From this moment on, life is whatever I make of it.”

I also have that same experiences of people smiling directly at me. I will refer to some more lines of Jean where I am really feeling the same… 
I can experience my enlightenment in any way I choose.”
 Does life change in enlightenment? Not really… but yes, completely. As I edge ever closer, I find myself more introspective, more desiring to be alone, and far less driven than I’ve ever been. I do what I enjoy, relish time with the ones I love, and receive the gifts of every moment, whether they are delivered with tears or laughter.
Daily life on earth continues. “Before enlightenment – chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment – chop wood, carry water,” and yet life takes on such a different quality.

 Just trusting the process and keep loving myself..  Sometimes I feel what shall I do? I feel the urge to do something .. to share all this knowledge as wisdom, because It feels like it, I feel so, .. because I don’t want to keep it for myself, in my way of “Stay Excited, No Expectations”…

 I know for sure.. I’ll never go back! Also Earth will never be the same. But isn’t that what I asked for? Isn’t that where I worked for when I was still in my days of resisting? My days of ‘fighting politics’ with SOPN. Isn’t that what I have having imagined?

 It is the best of times, it is the worst of times, but above all, it doesn’t matter…Sometime I still feel it’s a mission but.. Why should I keep struggling? I shouldn’t, really, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. “Why should I keep holding up the entire Earth on my shoulders, carrying the burdens and the energy of humanity?” I shouldn’t. It doesn’t matter. They’re going to do just fine.

 They haven’t all chosen what I’ve chosen. They haven’t all chosen to become enlightened or even just to have a single good day. But it doesn’t matter, because sooner or later they will – or maybe not. It doesn’t matter.

 I will enjoy my journey because “I am already there”. “It doesn’t matter because I can’t get lost. I can’t lose. There’s not a test. This isn’t even an experiment, it’s an experience. It doesn’t matter.”

 Why did I came here? Why am I here? “Just because I can be here, because I can be in a body and what a luscious thing it is. Just because I can feel human emotion, I can taste human food. I can actually feel human pain and human struggling – that’s a reason in itself. Because I can feel this thing called love from one to the other. I can pet a dog. I can sing out loud and hear myself.”  (More on Be in Vision!).


 - Eating chocolate and making love - you can only do on this amazing planet…
Earth is actually Heaven - …Time to live is Now. Why not just absolutely enjoy it? Being a creator or being a game player? Experiencing True Freedom.

Just because. What a grand and marvelous thing it is for a creator to do it, just because – if nothing else for the experience. You don’t get points on the other side for the total number of experiences that you’ve had, for the difficulty and the challenges of experience. You’re only admired for the depth and for the compassion of the experience with yourself. That’s all that matters.


 These last days, more and more, I realize, it’s just about Allowing life, completely Letting In and Letting Go. It’s also about New Energy, New Consciousness. Experiencing True Freedom. It’s a choice.

 So the answer is not to take to the streets and revolt. The only real answer is to go within the self, to clear out our own personal problems and go with the change in consciousness levels. We will have to adopt an attitude of ignoring what else is happening around us and concentrate on helping ourselves and those who are changing with us and leave the rest of the population to sort its own mess out. This is not being selfish; it is being realistic about what this New Energy is bringing about. (Thomas, Chris – Synthesis)

Don’t resist, don’t fight against anything like current politics, pharmaceutical industry, chemtrails, Monsanto.. No TV, No thing, Just deny it, completely deny it… I don’t want these things in my reality… And in my opinian, the real solution to a peaceful and harmonious life or society is that everyone should just deny it, give no attention to it..don’t let it manifest into your life… It’s your own choice..
What you put out, is what you get back”...
But I think I am asking too much of most of you, at least for now..


In the Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East (Baird T. Spalding) already, they refer to it.
“Not one in a million feels the freedom to live what he inwardly feels he would love”.

Some excerpts: “Only in man’s innermost nature is he identical with his neighbor in thought and motive and only through bringing out what is within can there be peace and harmony in the earth.”

“Obedience to one’s  inner nature, the expression of life as he instinctively feels it ought to be expressed, is the very foundation of the life which the masters reveal as the only true mode of living.”

“True mastery is living the instruction of the inner teacher, the inner self , and not seeking the opinian of the world.”

Mastership is everyone’s  possibility but this state is not achieved by reading, study or theorizing, but by actually living the life which the masters live.”

 “This life of oneness is the life of the masters and anyone may live that life if he will drop his alliances with institutions and religions and races and nations and accept his alliance with the Universe.”

“Love is the great unifier in the consciousness of man and to keep oneself always in an attitude of love is to progress towards oneness”

“This is the manner of the masters and their instruction is always that you must be true to the Self, live the life of the Self, express what is inherently true until you are outwardly what you inwardly long to be. When man returns to this motive of life, all that there is in the Universe begins to move in upon him, to manifest itself through him. Not only must man have the intelligence to direct him and the power to do that which is to be done, but also the substance that nourishes and supports him in the doing. There is no lack, except in the realm of hypnotic ideas that have clouded his mind from reality. Back in his native oneness, where he consciously receives what the Universe is pouring out upon him, there can be no lack in any phase of his being nor in his affairs.”

(The Quantum Theory is the approach of Science to this basic fact of life and there can be no true science, religion, social structure, or successful living outside the undefeatable and indissoluble oneness of all things.)

"This is the road to mastery, the life of the masters, and the only true life there is. It is to be found just where you are in the secret places of your own inner nature."
"Your only contact with a master is through the mastery of yourself."


So these are my moments of enlightenment. Bashar usually answers:If you want to get enlightened, then simply lighten up!”. He then usually repeats the definition that has become his hallmark and core teaching: "The quickest and simplest way to enlightenment is to follow your excitement to the best of your ability, as often and as far as you can take it, with zero expectations to the outcome. If you do this you will see that your life becomes an ecstatic explosion of synchronicity.”


l am looking forward to watch tonight Adamus’s latest ShoudExpectations of Enlightenment” from August 3rd. Well I don’t know what to expect and that’s good because my everyday credo, borrowed from Bashar, is “Stay Excited, No Expectations” and so I will.


(This blog in Dutch, 'Mijn Momenten van Verlichting', download it here )