Illuminated Free World Bank

 What is it? It’s an energy reservoir that’s been on hold. It’s actually been building momentum, you would say, gaining interest, getting grander and grander all the time, just waiting. 

Waiting for the convergence of those humans who are really ready to give themselves permission to be Embodied Masters, enlightened beings on this planet.

It will come to you when you’re ready for it.

It will come to you when you are clear about your dream, and the dream must be for you alone. Only for you.

 The dream may ultimately involve other people, but it cannot be one of the requirements at the front.

 The dream is not about saving Earth. I’ll instantly erase any of those. You won’t even be eligible for an application.
Your dream. That’s why we talked about dreams recently. Not a dream to save all the children or heal everybody or anything like that. Not a dream for your spouse or your children. Not a dream for even, at this point, quite yet, the Crimson Circle, Shaumbra. Your dream, for you.

 One of the most difficult parts of this exercise is going to be making a choice of what your dream is. The dream is not to clear away bad governments or imbalances. The dream is not going to be to bring back unicorns or any of that. 

 Your dream, for yourself. That is a very big, big responsibility, you could say, big question. That’s why we went through this experience of your knowingness. You already know. You pretend that you don’t. You already know, the dream is already there. You suppress the dream. You pretend it’s not there. You cover it up with a lot of other things. But your dream. That’s the tough part, because as you dream into your dreams, you say, “What is my dream? What is my dream?” You’re not sure.

 You wonder, then, “Maybe is it too big? Is it too much?” Maybe because of your conditioning as an energy holder – always serving everybody else – that the dream has to be for others first and then you later. Not at all. This fund is only for your dream, Geert. Your dream. That’s it. That’s the first requirement – let me finish – your dream.

 This fund is crystalline, brilliant, expansive. It contains more energy than what you could ever, ever possibly consume. It’s unlimited. It is literally backed up by crystals in the Earth. You could say they have a monetary value, but they’ll never be cashed in, ever. We’re using them for balancing and flowing of energy.

 We’re taking something that is in the Earth, now of the Earth, using it to flow energies, including what you would call New Energy. You could say that this is the primary portal now for New Energy, energy that you helped to imagine and create that comes through the other realms, through these twenty-one portals, caverns.

 It’s available for you right now. So what is it going to be? 

Is the dream something intangible, such as the integration of your aspects? Why not?

Is the dream to travel this planet Earth and see all of its amazing countries and natural wonders before you conclude this last lifetime on this planet? Why not?


If your passion is to teach on this planet, to teach how one finds their sovereignty because it’s your passion, then this will work.


It is real, if you want it to be. It is and always has been there to support your dreams.

Is the dream to create a financial abundance for yourself so you never have to worry about money again? Why not? Why not? Can the dreams be multiple dreams? It’s up to you.

It’s not limited to one dream, but the dream must be for you.

 Now, if your dream, your happiness, is truly setting up a school to really teach – because you are a teacher at heart – to really teach consciousness; if that is your passion being done for you, not for anyone else, then that qualifies. But the moment you say, “I need to do it to help everybody else,” forgetting about yourself, this will not work. Will not work. You’ll never find it – or it will never find you.

 But if the dream is your passion as a teacher, who are the greatest of all beings in all of creation, who are more exalted than politicians – well, anybody is; or lawyers, same thing; bankers, any of those, scientists, researchers, anything – teachers, the most exalted of all. If your passion is to teach on this planet, to teach how one finds their sovereignty because it’s your passion, then this will work. But if you’re doing it because you’re still back here as an energy holder, in the early stages as an awakening Human and you still have to do the energy holding, it won’t work. 

It must be for you. Must be.

Now, this is obviously going to lead to a lot of question and a lot of dialogue and a lot of … makyo(BS). You said it. It will be so filled with makyo, it will make the camels of Egypt smell like sweet perfume. There will be some who claim to know the answer already and they’re going to assist you in finding it, and they cannot. There are going to be some who claim that either it doesn’t exist or there is another St. Germain Fund, but I Am that I Am St. Germain and Adamus and the words that cannot be spoken – mmm – and I am here to tell you that this is the fund – the fund –
available now.

 As you learn to dream your dream, the real dream, and bring it into this reality for you, your dream brought forth … can you imagine that for a moment? Your real dream, finally? Real dream supported by real energy, supported by real crystals on this real Earth, finally? It’s a bit frightening, actually. Finally? As you learn how to bring forth this energy that’s been waiting for you, then – but only then – you can start combining it with others in Shaumbra.

 The dream may be a Center. The dream may be some type of joint effort where you’re pooling your sovereign resources together. Sovereign resources. Not group, but where you take you as a sovereign being, combined with someone, as another sovereign being and say, “Let’s create together. As sovereign being to sovereign being, let’s create together.” That will also qualify for this fund.

 It is real, if you want it to be. 

It is and always has been there to support your dreams.

Please do not dream for the planet, your children, your Spiritual Families, your aspects. Only for you. It is the easiest fund that you’ll ever tap into, and perhaps the most difficult. There is no interest. You do not have to pay it back. They won’t be calling you on the phone saying, “You’re late with your payments or your crystals this month.” It becomes yours. The reality is once you embody it as a Master, the radiance that you have literally expands it for future generations for those who are ready to accept their sovereignty.

 The dream, now about to become supported by the energy, Old Energy and New Energy. The dream, brought to life. 

It is monumental. It is incredible. It is gracious. It is with such ease and grace it’ll be amazing. 

 But, you will doubt it. You will question it. You will wonder if you are worthy. You’ll wonder if you have permission. You’ll wonder what the trick is. There is none. That’s the trick. There are no tricks. It is you, ready to accept. That’s it. That simple. A dream, a sovereign being, and the energy to support it.

(Source: Freedom with New Energy, New Consciousness )

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