(1) New Energy - New Consciousness

 During season 2011-2012 these ‘insights’ of Adamus® helped me in my awakening-awareness process in a time where New Energy and New Consciousness became ‘available’.

  I use this for my own study, my awareness-building and my (human) evolution with regard to consciousness (which, in my opinion, is the purpose of life). 


 It still supports me to be who I really am (I AM that I AM) and in my choice for Living Ascension (Natural Enlightenment, Embodied Consciousness) or being a Consciousness Pioneer.


It’s all about making choices, letting go, allowing life, trust, loving yourself and it brought me a New Me, a New Life, New Health by consciously creating my own reality and by breaking the habit of being myself/yourself. Along the way I even start thinking of co-creating things like New Economy and New Healthcare.


The potentials as possibilities are infinite, when we start creating beyond our mind.  
In unity 1+1=100 or even 97.234, instead of 1+1=3 or 1+1=2.