(2) Freedom with New Energy & New Consciousness

 In this season (2012-2013), it helped me even more on my path or choice to/for
Natural (embodied) Enlightenment, Embodied Consciousness and/or Living Ascension

 The first lines of the first shoud starts with “Everything right now that’s happening in your life is about freedom. Everything happening in your life is about enlightenment." 

And this is also happening now in my life. And Freedom is an attitude.


I finally know what I want. “My passion is to teach by example on this planet, to teach how one finds their sovereignty by choosing freedom and their path to natural enlightenment. And because it’s my passion, then this will work. There is also a fund available and has always been to support your/my dreams.”


 I already did start a meeting group Network for Natural Enlightenment Support, (changed name in 2014 to Consciousness Pioneers) and will start with local meet-ups expanding towards a Support Center.
See also Co-creation.

 The world needs Standards more than anything else now.