(3) Experiencing Enlightenment 

The first two documents were expanding my consciousness further and supported me in my way of choosing freedom. Now, I am already experiencing True Freedom.


This season was (and so was my journey) next to very applicable and supportive also very personal and specific and felt like reaching its climax every month.

 Every day now is about my enlightenment. This season is about discovering and Allowing the Enlightenment and Trusting.



It's Mastery or nothing! Letting that passion out, letting it come forth.




So I named this document “Experiencing Enlightenment”. And it is totally different as you ever could imagine. Also absolute incomparable with the way the old masters walked. The journey is now for them who chose to be here in this lifetime as embodied consciousness or consciousness pioneers.

The "New Energy Master", just passing through.

 Getting out of the Mind into true Knowingness, into the Essence. The Master discovers that it's all about just allowing! It's simply to live. To live... Live!

When you live you become a Standard for others.
When you live, you have vitality and health and abundance.
When you live, you inspire others

watch this video "You Are a Master" as a journey for the senses
and ask that you just allow for whatever to come up come up.