~ Consciously Creating  your Own Reality! ~

A Life by Design is created by Geert Vousten to share available information and knowledge as wisdom, from the mystical as well as from the science viewpoint, to inspire and support others to live their lives on their own path in their own way, to find their own truth and their sovereignty by choosing true freedom.

To live and to experience a joyful, blissful life. Time to Live is NOW! BLove!  #blove 

When done for myself, that then creates this new dimension in mass-consciousness that has the potential for people who are willing to change their life, one person at a time. It has the potential to change the planet

The Potentials as possibilities are infinite as we all start consciously creating beyond the mind.
Living in the Present moment and experiencing happiness as a starting point and not striving it as a goal. 


Nieuwe .NL Website met mijn aanbod:
De Kunst van het Leven.

Coming soon: Rude Awakening Documentary - Sneak PeekFull trailer - complete journey of self-discovery. SynopsisShaumbra did! Exclusive 20-minute sneak peek.  

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In the menu on the left, I share lots of available information and knowledge as wisdom, from the mystical as well as from the science viewpoint.
It was part of my spiritual path.. my quest.. Now I AM living it.

Complete info in pdf
All info - old website
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Complete info in pdf
All info - old website
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Currently this website is still under construction, relocating most of the information from old but also updating to current insights. (You can still navigate in the 'old' website, if 'old pages' are still available: here)


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Het Leven

Promo: 'De Kunst van het Leven' in 3 quotes die belangrijk  zijn in het hele doorzien van de Illusie.

Consciousness /.eu /.nl - Be the Change You Believe2C in the World.   


Consciousness Pioneers

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What is a Consciousness Pioneer?

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~    We Are All Quantum Creators    ~   

- That's why I AM here -

To envision for myself this New reality, and then to share it with everyone else. That's what change this planet!
To Be in Vision!! Take a look at My Journey, describing my life, as what I AM living in the Now. 

Life by Design offers several documents (for free) which could act as a starting point and are very applicable and very supportive for those who are consciously walking the path of their human evolution with regard to consciousness, finding their own truth and to be(come) who You really are. (free downloads)

– The I Am that I Am! –  

This will be the basis for you to start with Consciously Creating your Own Reality!

Becoming a Standard

~   The world needs Standards more than anything else now  ~ 


 Inspired by Shaumbra? 

Shaumbra: humans who have realized their own divinity and strive to embody it in their lives by being conscious creators and integrating all aspects of themselves.

Click here for the full story of Shaumbra in Dutch!






This information is probably not for you unless you take full responsibility for your life and creations.   

NB: Still and always under construction - but I am delighted to already share it with you.
NB: Despite of the fact that this is a .nl website, I made a conscious choice for using the English language for better expressing the essence and the true definitions.