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10 - Way Out

Embodied Realization is why you’re here. In order to experience this freedom, you must allow your way out of the confines of duality, mental focus and extreme limitation. In Way Out Adamus Saint-Germain shares what he considers the three most important ways to go beyond. These are Focus, Gravity and Oneness. He also explains that you cannot get out if you’re still playing energy games, have interfering aspects, close ties with your ancestors, or are taking SSRIs. However, when these things are released, you can learn to walk out and come back as desired. Then your true passion blossoms and you become the new Merlin, a Master and friend of energy. It will also lead to your Free Energy Body or light body. 

Humans have been trying to get back “Home” for eons of time, and for the few who have found their way, it was nearly impossible to remain on Earth. Now, for the first time in history, there is a group of people who are determined to do just that, and Adamus is here to provide guidance and support. He talks in depth about how to get “out” but also to come back as desired. This is our true passion, finally awakening after all the old human passions have gone away and made the space for it.


1. Setting the Stage (46:08)
In order to stay embodied after Realization, there are important things to do first. These include releasing the ancestors, stopping energy feeding, integrating aspects and releasing all use of mind meds. Regardless of when you experience this class, you’ll be on a similar timeline as other attendees. It’s time to release the Atlantean headband effects, go beyond the mind, and accept the dragon’s presence in your post-awakening life. 

2. The Passion Returns (55:37)
In “The Time of Machines,” as Adamus looked into the future dynamics of technology, lack of freedom, mind meds and more, his Oversoul reminded him why he was drawn to this time. He was answering the call of a group of humans who chose to allow their Realization and thereby make a huge difference on the planet. After the beautiful merabh of reconnecting with your true passion – to find the way out and come back whenever you want – you will never again forget.

3. Gravity (54:37)
Adamus reminds of your journey to Earth – a multidimensional being going through countless layers of compression into the intense focus of physical reality. Now it’s important to release ALL victim energies and understand that no one has kept you here. It was all for experience. Within duality there is always the opposite expression of everything, including gravity. It was gravity that brought you in, and gravity is one of the most important ways out. In a profound merabh that you’re invited to revisit many, many times, Adamus helps you ride the waves of gravity back out.

4. Focus (46:24)
Gravity is the glue of reality; it holds everything together. As you were compressed and condensed into physical form, pulled deep into the sense of Focus, your other angelic senses were forgotten. It’s time to go beyond Focus, but you can’t do it by fighting or resisting. Adamus offers another way to dissolve the Focus and set yourself free.

5. Oneness (47:32)
There has always been a deep longing to go back Home to God or Spirit. But, as Tobias said, Home actually comes to you, and this welcome is part of the way out. Feel the return of your own spirit, your Merlin and your human, integrating together as distinct parts of the oneness of you. In this last merabh, Adamus says that only you, the human, can take off the blinders, break through the illusion of separation, and allow the experience of oneness. He invites you to return again and again to the infinite mystery of the I Am, because what comes after is gnost and the Free Energy Body.

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