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I AM Sleeping

Sleep – deep, rejuvenating, refreshing sleep – can feel elusive to those on the path of embodied Mastery. As our biology and mind make big adjustments and we change our entire relationship to energy, it’s no wonder that we have times of insomnia and can’t sleep through the night anymore. Sleep was designed by the Order of the Arc so we wouldn’t get completely lost in Focus, but it’s been a long time since we’ve experienced true sleep as it was intended. In this Master’s Pause, you’re going to rediscover and experience sleeping like you haven’t had in a very long time. The energies of “I Am Sleeping” are designed to gently soothe and bring you to a place of deep, relaxing and un-mental sleep. Adamus calls it ‘the returning,’ going back into union with the “I Exist, I Am that I Am,” basking for a while in the gentleness and compassion of your soul.

After his explanation of the origins and purpose of sleep, Adamus then leads the listener deep into “sleeping in awareness.” He invites you to hear the call of the I Am, “Come with me now, on this sleepwalk, our walk of returning. Come with me to the place of sovereignty. Come with me and remember…”

It's time for a pause – a Master’s Pause – in between the rigors of everyday life and restless nights. “I Am Sleeping” is the latest in a series of Adamus-guided experiences to help Shaumbra adjust and re-tune as we come into Embodied Mastery. 

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