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I AM True

One of the most difficult things one must deal with on the way to Realization is the intense doubt that comes up. This doubt stems from many things – mass consciousness, past experiences, self-judgment – and seems to only get stronger the closer one comes to completion. Although it can be a huge distraction, doubt has a very important purpose. Ultimately, it is your own energy serving you by making sure that you don’t get too comfortable in a very unnatural state of being.

In I Am True Adamus talks about the purpose of doubt, and how important it is to remember the trueness of you. He makes the statement that “Doubt rushes in to fill the void when you place sovereignty outside of yourself,” and reminds us that doubt is only a small part of a big picture and doesn’t really merit a lot of attention. Instead, come back to trust in yourself and realize that doubt is your own energy saying, “Don’t stop. Don’t settle for anything less than the true You.

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