Let Go of "Old" Beliefs


Beliefs 'controls' behaviour, even Beliefs 'controls' genes (Epigenetics)

So this is extremely important, so letting go of "old" beliefs are a prerequisite to  be(come) 'who you really are'. Your natural state is Joy, Ecstasy and Abundance.
The basis of your life is Freedom, Your purpose in life is Joy.
Allowing Life!

So "Stay Excited and No Expectations(no agenda)"   

How Do You Design Your Reality?

What do you believe is true? 

That is the most important question you have to ask yourself!

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Abundance and Trusting What is!

What is the definition of Abundance? 

Abundance: The ability to do what you need to do, when you need to do it! Period!

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Overcoming Resistance & Moving Forward
You hold on to nothing, nothing that you don't actually believe is somehow serving you! No matter how painful they maybe to hold on to.

Motivational mechanism: You will always immediately, automatically move in the direction of what you believe to be in your best interest. You will always immediately and automatically move away from what you believe is not in your best interest.