Adamus St. Germain


He who succeeds in raising himself above his emotions in suppressing in himself anger and the fear of illness, is capable of overcoming the attrition of the years and attaining an age at least double that at which men now die of old age.

I hold the whole of nature in my hands,
and as God created the world,
I can draw what I want out of nothing.



Some examples from Adamus during the shouds of the e2012 Series:

Ascension is the integration of yourself, of your divinity,
of your aspects, bringing back together every part and piece of you
in the physical body in this lifetime.

Enlightenment is a natural process that is happening.

You, with your passion for enlightenment, with your passion for sovereignty,
you are going through a shift into freedom.
Into true freedom. Sovereignty, the I Am,
not dependent on any other beings,
ot caught in the workings of mass consciousness.