Don't Get Distracted!

Distractions, experienced as things that happen in your life, better say, moments in your life that you are not aware of yourself! You are not conscious about being in the present moment and experience that everything is perfect as it is!
Moments where you really are who you are, the moments where you can create whatever you want..! 

Huge distractions in 'normal' life are: work, partner-relationships, kids, watching TV and nowadays also becoming a big one: Social media!

Let me be clear about this, I am not telling you to quit your job or your relation or get rid of your kids, I am just listing the distractions.
So start with considering watching TV... it shapes opinions (and they are are really good at that...) and enforces beliefs, which becomes yours... 
Social Media! Well judge yourself!


But what do I need to do?

 So the answer is not to take to the streets and revolt. The only real answer is to go within the self, to clear out our own personal problems and go with the change in consciousness levels. We will have to adopt an attitude of ignoring what else is happening around us and concentrate on helping ourselves and those who are changing with us and leave the rest of the population to sort its own mess out. This is not being selfish; it is being realistic about what this New Energy is bringing about. (Thomas, Chris – Synthesis)

Don’t resist, don’t fight against anything like current politics, pharmaceutical industry, chemtrails, Monsanto.. No TV, No thing, Just deny it, completely deny it… I don’t want these things in my reality… And in my opinion, the real solution to a peaceful and harmonious life or society is that everyone should just deny it, give no attention to it..don’t let it manifest into your life… It’s your own choice.. 
What you put out, is what you get back”... 


Social Media! 

How much time of your daily life do you spend on Social Media? Be honest! Does it already feels like an addiction? Does it make you really happy?

It's a full time job to read all the stuff your so called 'friends' are posting, and do you believe that they all are reading your stuff.

It's developing a false self (externalization of self-identity), satisfying the needs of popular culture (needs as materialism, physical appearance, popularity and celebrity). In particular, to generate more profit for those companies that control popular culture. (Want to know more, read this blog)
Eventually in my opinion Social media, especially Facebook, will disconnect you more than it connects!

The connection is not real and written words cannot express (besides when it is a poem) the real emotion beyond it! And that's what you want to experience while connecting, the emotions, the feelings... Be honest!

Stay Excited, No Expectations!

Stay 'above the line', stay on the side of the positive emotions (joy, happiness and love), when experiencing a discomfort mostly accompanied with a negative emotion - dive right into it...


When you experience discomfort of any kind: 

  1. Dive right smack into the middle of it.
  2. Feel the discomfort energy fully.
  3. When it reaches a peak of intensity, tell The Truth about it.
  4. Reclaim your power from it.
  5. Open up more and more to who you really are.
  6. Express appreciation for yourself and the creation.

 Read and download the full document 'Experiencing Discomfort' with all the details.

acebook - A big distraction.. The Southpark episode about Facebook - "You have 0 friends" (more info on wikipedia), in my opinion, perfectly reflects this huge distraction and it captures perfectly how obsessive Facebook can be.
Watch it with an open mind and experience and feel into it...!

The original video you can watch here on the Southpark website (or click on picture.)

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Don't watch TV! 














Quality Time for Yourself! 

What About You?!









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