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First Love Yourself (F.L.Y.)

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First Love Yourself, others will come next! 

Start with taking good care of Yourself. 
Which means, look after your Inner & Outer Beauty-Health

 Outer Beauty doesn't mean that you have to be or look like Mr/Ms Universe

But Outer Beauty in relation to Health is indeed important for your Self-worth, one of the 4 major areas of our aspects, questions, problems and doubts (the other three are Health, Relationships and Lack of Abundance). 

Health in combination with Self-worth.

When you are aware, being healthy is a choice!  

About Outer Beauty - Healthpay attention to:

You deserve to be here and the more you awaken, the longer you are going to live. 

Consciousness awareness of a compassionate mind will extend life.

”He who succeeds in raising himself above his emotions in suppressing in himself anger and the fear of illness, is capable of overcoming the attrition of the years and attaining an age at least double that at which men now die of old age.”

Love Yourself Unconditionally

~ Teal Swan


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