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Follow the Feeling Process!

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Excerpt from Experiencing Enlightenment

You’ve had many years on this planet. 
You chose to come back at the best of times, but yet perhaps the hardest of times. You chose families based partly on karma, partly on convenience. 
You chose early life experiences that would ultimately funnel you into your awakening. You did. 
You chose experiences that would keep you from getting distracted.

We’re not going back in time. We’re going to go to those experiences. Not trying to process them. We’re going to go back to observe them, and as you observe and you allow, you can collect, bring in the wisdom of what really happened. There’s no need to go back into the drama. You’re going to perhaps feel some emotional pain or imbalance, but I want you to remain as the compassionate observer into these incidences in your life.

As you do, as you remain that compassionate observer, what happens is the wisdom, the wisdom and beauty of those experiences are distilled into pure wisdom for the soul. 

And suddenly, maybe now, maybe later, suddenly you get that “aha” that that experience was not really what you thought it was. It was just one perspective. It was just one emotional perspective, but so much more took place. 


Transforming Your Negative Emotions.

We run from our feelings. We would do almost anything to avoid being in the now and moving towards the way we feel. Most processes are designed to change how we feel deliberately, so we can avoid being present with how we feel. It serves a purpose to know that you can deliberately change the way you feel, but it also serves a purpose to know that by being present with how you feel, the feeling changes on it's own.


Follow the Feeling Process! 

~ Teal Swan


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