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I AM Remembering

As angel beings in the intense focus of human experience, we have forgotten who we are, where we came from, why we’re here – and so much more. There are many important reasons for this forgetting, but now, accompanied by the wisdom of the Master, it is time to remember. Adamus encourages the listener to invite the Master to sit right next to you in this experience, and then allow the remembrance. Remember the beauty of past lives, not only their trauma. Remember your reasons for coming here in this lifetime, not just what you’ve been told. Remember the true passion you brought in and the gnost that has always been yours. And, perhaps most beautiful of all, remember your name, a precious resonance that will connect you with your angelic senses.

Adamus explains why you forgot in the first place. It was never a mistake, simply an experience, an act of consciousness. He talks about the dangers of remembering too soon, and how important it is to wait until you can allow the presence of the Master to be with you. This wisdom then changes what could have been a harsh and difficult experience, so you can see the beauty of your choices, feel the appreciation from your past lives, and begin remembering your true name.

In a transformational merabh of remembering, many forgotten things will begin returning to your awareness. You will even realize why you waited to allow the remembrance until now, when you have the maturity to receive it. Saying it will continue coming to you in waves, Adamus invites you to simply be with yourself for a while as the music continues. “Now it’s up to you to remember.”

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