~ Consciously Creating  your Own Reality! ~


Most people wander through life not even knowing of the possibility of enlightenment. Even many “spiritual people” and seekers in the alternative movement don’t really have a clue about what this mysterious term really means...

According to Bashar enlightenment is defined as follows: 
“It’s when you realize that you are the Universe you previously thought you were in.” 

Enlightenment happens when the final dualism of subject (ego) and object (out there) is resolved and the artificial separation is removed so that oneness with everything becomes self-evident and obvious. 

Many people ask Bashar what the fastest way to enlightenment really is. He usually answers jokingly by saying: 
“If you want to get enlightened, then simply lighten up!” 
He then usually repeats the definition that has become his hallmark and core teaching:


“The quickest and simplest way to enlightenment is to follow your excitement to the best of your ability, as often and as far as you can take it, with zero expectations to the outcome. If you do this you will see that your life becomes an ecstatic explosion of synchronicity.” 


The zero expectations part is often the hardest for people to get right. It’s also the most important part because it’s the safety mechanism that makes sure you are actually doing what excites you, just because it excites you, and not because of some obscure ulterior motive like “becoming rich or famous” or whatever.

Not that it’s anything wrong with actually becoming rich, famous, or both as that can happen as a side-effect of following your highest excitement in life, but if you allow your excitement to be polluted by some “agenda” you are not really following your true excitement.

True excitement takes you right into the present and makes everything else secondary (even basic needs like eating and sleeping are forgotten if you are in high states of excitement and inspiration).

However, following your excitement does not mean that you have to be on that level of excitement all the time (then you would eventually die of hunger!).

Enlightenment is really just Freedom. Freedom to be yourself, to be your full expression, free of the things that would hold you back. (Adamus) 

Live your life for the pure joy instead of to get anywhere!  

Unconditional Love = True Enlightenment

Love Yourself Unconditionally ~ Teal Swan