~ Consciously Creating  your Own Reality! ~



By integrating

Disparate inputs

Into a harmonic orchestration,

You can

Show yourself to be


Able to work together

In concert with others

Not only for your own benefit

Or the mutual good of a group

But for the greater good as well.

Whenever you

Resonate with

The sound of trust

You emit the beautiful music of

Resonant wisdom

Flowing forth from

Higher Consciousness.


Listen carefully and

You can hear three

Harmonic messages of


Being played on

The Stradivarius within.

🎼|| Learn from Experience:

Empowers you to reclaim trust you may have dispensed automatically or too easily based on misplaced assumptions

🎼|| Pay Close Attention:

Enables you to determine trustworthiness by listening closely to nuances, alternatives, deeper meanings

🎼|| Question Assumptions:

Appreciate the value of holding on longer to disbelief, as it is an agent of trust, like romantic love, requiring a wanna-be-believed to be

Consistently true

Authentic and



By Harvey Kraft 🧠🙏👁  (Art: Andrew Ferez)