~ Consciously Creating  your Own Reality! ~

2 - I Am Here

An important part of embodied mastery is the ability to create and experience whatever reality one chooses. This can include things like health and abundance, as well as exploring other realms and the nature of reality. The core consciousness of “I Exist, I Am Here,” becomes the point of creativity for an embodied or Ascended Master, giving them the freedom to go beyond the mind and allow every desired experience.

Adamus Saint-Germain often gives the invitation to live in the “and” and allow your consciousness to be aware of the many different realities in which you exist. In The Master’s Life, Part 2: I Am Here he uses practical examples and visual illustrations to help you truly experience the “many” consciousness. Rather than overwhelming to the senses, it becomes a grand realization of mastery. The mind may be challenged to grasp it all, the actual experience is unforgettable, and gives one a real sense of what is possible, even in this human reality.

This presentation consists of four channeled sessions, including three deep merabh experiences. It also includes four additional music tracks that you can download and listen to, helping you to revisit the energy and experience at any time.

I Am Here 

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Session 1 – Where Are You? 

Adamus begins this session with a story. The Master is enjoying an intimate gathering with friends and fellow ascended Masters in his library, sharing the human stories of their individual experiences of Realization. They discuss the practical considerations of the transition itself and how to deal with all the distractions that humans often put in their own way. Then a student, Martina, comes to his door in a state of anxiety and overwhelm. Adamus shares highlights of their conversation, including the Master’s enigmatic question to Martina, and a magical and rejuvenating experience of Presence.

Session 2 – I Am Here (57:36)
Once again in the Ascended Masters Club, enjoying their Realization, the Masters still love to watch their human expressions go through the many human experiences. For them, it is all occurring simultaneously in the “and.” Back in his library, the Master again questions Martina, bringing in music and visual illustrations to aid in her understanding. In another deep journey, the Master guides the listener into a limitless experience of “I Am Here,” demonstrating how one can be aware of many realities and experiences, or even in nothing, and still be in your own Expanded Presence. During this profound experience, you begin to see how this awareness can change everything.

Session 3 – Applied Consciousness (1:14:22)
This is the “Adamus physics” segment, where he explains the Master Sense and how it all works. He talks about how to access the many different facets of reality and go beyond the limited human perspective into Expanded Presence. Adamus explains how we’ve adapted to living as a limited human, even though our true state is one of inspiration, freedom and manifestation. He discusses the difference between thought and consciousness, how creativity comes in, and what it means to apply consciousness in practical everyday situations.

Session 4 – Master Sense (49:00)
This session is all about truly experiencing what Adamus has been sharing. He explains how one is simply there, anywhere you choose to be, in any consciousness you want. He gives some practical examples and leads a deep experience into “I Am Here.” He invites the listener to forget about the details, let go of thinking, and simply be here in this profound and expansive experience. He says, “You’re getting the sense of ‘I Am Here,’ rather than the thought of ‘I Am Here,’” because it helps one realize that true consciousness is the feeler rather than the feeling.

“I Am Here. It’s the only thing.” ~ Adamus

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