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6 - No More!

Adamus addresses some of the main issues that are holding back the Realization of your mastery. The biggest of these include duality causes (such as gender equality, the environment and political battles) and suppressed anger. When you can release these, you will finally gain great clarity and true freedom. With this freedom, you are finally ready to revisit the Crystal Caves and discover a treasure that until now has been hidden.

Adamus said he had to interrupt his planned schedule to talk about these things that are holding Shaumbra back. The issues include energy holding, fighting various manifestations of duality and especially pushing down the natural anger that is part of the human experience. The anger is a particularly vexing one because we've taught ourselves not to let it out. However, Adamus gives a very specific solution for freeing this rather putrid and stuck energy, and which can bring a level of transformation that other methods and techniques have not been able to provide. 

After several merabhs throughout this presentation, in the last session Adamus guides a very special DreamWalk to the Crystal Caves. It is related to his previous DreamWalk to the Crystal Caves, but goes far deeper, to a level that is almost tangible. There is also a very special treasure within the Crystal Caves, something to be discovered and experienced when you're there. 

In this Master's Life Cloud Class, Adamus is talking directly to you, wherever you are, whenever you listen. Every session has a lot of information and deep experiences. Give yourself the gift of allowing yourself to say, "No more!"


1 – Beyond the Battle (1:09:26)
After talking about why you’re here and who the Master is, Adamus challenges you to let go of every battle. Over lifetimes you have taken on so many causes – masculine/feminine, light/dark, good/bad, rich/poor, the environment and more – and these are now holding you back from Realization. 

2 – Clarity (47:05)
The Master has no causes, but simply sits on the park bench and observes. St. Germain had many noble causes in his lifetime, but eventually he released them all. As you do the same now, feel the clarity of saying “No more” to others. There are many who still take your energy; it’s time to be clear. 

3 – Anger (50:34)
Humans, especially Shaumbra, are not so good with anger. You’ve learned to suppress it because of past experience, but now it keeps away sensual experiences. There are many reasons for the anger, now it’s time to acknowledge and allow it as the Master brings the wisdom. Adamus leads a memorable merabh to help stop suppressing your anger. 

4 – Change (44:39)
Rather than just ‘trying it out,’ it’s time to really say “No more!” Freedom brings a tremendous level of responsibility, and most humans don’t really want it. If they did, they would already be free. Adamus also asks an important question: Do you really want change? For those who do, he leads another merabh of change. 

5 – The Mirror (45:29)
It’s time to take a DreamWalk back to the Crystal Caves, of which there are 22 on the planet. In this experience you are invited to feel the energies of this very real place. Here you will find New Energy, which is completely different and does not battle or participate in duality. Are you ready for it in your life? Take a look in the mirror here, and you will know…

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