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3 - Embodiment

Adamus reminds us of our choice to experience Realization and stay on Earth for our embodied enlightenment. He shares some important dynamics of this choice, including how the ancestral ties and issues must be released, what happens when our very DNA undergoes such tremendous change, and the heretofore dormant senses that begin to open up. Many humans will use technology to upgrade their biology, while Shaumbra are doing so with consciousness, by allowing the light body to merge with the human biology. The beautiful music of Yoham provides accompaniment in several merabhs to facilitate this melding.

Adamus explains how “the Master enters the temple with no effort,” and teaches us how to apply this principle to all aspects of creation, including enlightenment. However, this process of embodied enlightenment brings its own challenges, including much greater sensitivity, drastic changes and even chaos. He says that one of the most important tools in dealing with it all is simply to act or “play the role.”

The core of embodiment is allowing the light to merge and meld with our biology, and there are several deep merabhs to specifically support this process. Although this journey through nothingness into Realization is not for the fainthearted, it is actually a very natural process that one can simply allow.

You’ll want to dive into deeply into this profound presentation, and truly allow yourself to experience it on all levels.

3- Embodiment

Session 1 – Embodied Consciousness
Adamus explains why it’s “taking so long” to realize enlightenment. One of the biggest reasons is to stay embodied on Earth, something that requires tremendous physical adjustments. He says we are ready to “go quantum” and shares three foundations of the whole process. This is followed by a merabh with the music of Gerhard and Einat.

Session 2 – Entering the Temple (1:00:09)
Master’s Life 3 – Embodiment is all about allowing the light to come into – and radiate from – your being. In an incredible experience of “entering the temple,” the Master realizes what has always been there, simply waiting to be perceived. This simple dynamic is then applied to several practical life issues such as abundance and biological health.

Session 3 – The New Biology (1:21:59)
Discussing our biology and the changes already underway, Adamus talks about the potentials for a whole new type of embodiment. However, to realize these potentials, the ties to one’s ancestors, and even Gaia and nature, must be released. Then, instead of turning to technology for improvement, the light body and its innate intelligence can begin to manifest. Adamus talks with individual audience members about their ancestral predispositions and how to let them go.

Session 4 – Releasing Nature (1:06:18)
Acknowledging the challenge in releasing nature and ancestors, Adamus says most people want only to be halfway in the temple, which means they are still outside of it. He continues the helpful discussion about ancestral predispositions, then leads a deep merabh of allowing the light body to come in.

Session 5 – The Human Body (1:05:16)
Adamus begins with a merabh into the “I Exist,” which helps to balance out the changes occurring within our biology. This is followed by a “60-Second Workout” and discussion about the human biology and its evolutionary changes, both past and current. He notes there are several core senses that have been dormant for a long time and are now beginning to reappear as the light body comes in.

Session 6 – The Light Body (54:40)
One of the most obvious “side effects” of allowing in the light body is increased sensitivity, whether to noise, food, or allergens in the environment. Adamus offers advice on dealing with these sensitivities and assures us that it will all balance out eventually. He then leads another beautifully amazing merabh for allowing in the light body, followed by insights on the illusion of death and the ease of simply walking out when you’re done.

Session 7 – Distracting the Mind (1:24:46)
Adamus reminds us of the most important tool in the whole process of realization, which is acting, changing your identity and playing the part of a realized Master. Then he talks with various audience members about their “two or three biggest problems” in life and the very simple solutions.

Session 8 – Chaos (1:01:49)
Adamus shares a few details about his consciously chosen birth and childhood. He then explains how everything – everything– on Earth is going new, the mind-troubling chaos this brings, and the forces that are resisting change. It is more important than ever to remember what is and isn’t yours. Adamus then guides a unique and memorable merabh – a journey into chaos.

Session 9 – Your Journey (55:21)
As the light comes in, we’ll now have a CEO – Chief Enlightenment Officer – to manage things, making the job of our human COO (Chief Operating Officer) much easier. Adamus invites us to observe ourselves, and talks about our journey of this lifetime, his role with us, and the path toward realization that leads to… nothingness.

Session 10 – Nothingness (1:02:48)
Adamus challenged Gerhard and Einat to create music beyond time and space for a merabh of nothingness. When he leads this merabh into nothingness, it is an experience beyond words. When the Master enters the temple of nothingness, what is found there? It is for you to discover and experience for yourself. This unforgettable session is the core of the entire Class.

Session 11 – Allowing (28:48)
The final session of The Master’s Life – Embodiment is a merabh of allowing. It is how one can deal with the mind, the body, and every other issue that arises. Profound in its simplicity, it is an experience of flowing light, integration and deep, preciousembodiment

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