~ Consciously Creating  your Own Reality! ~

I Am Merlin

Merlin is a title taken on by many Masters of the past. Now comes the time for the new Merlins to take their place on Earth. It is the integration of your own Master self, your own wisdom, for Merlin is the human in awareness of its mastery. With this integration, the magic begins. Your truth and passion come forward. You, the Merlin, remain always open to your own energy, allowing a life of magical synchronicity.  

In this very special Master’s Pause, Adamus talks about what it means to be the new Merlin. It is about allowing, trust, and absolute openness to energy. He gives a very important caution to never use magic on others or with agenda and control, then leads a beautiful experience of deep integration, accompanied by music that he says is embedded with supporting energy and consciousness.

The way of the Merlin is never closing down to energy, never holding back, always open to your own energy in your own life.

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1. I AM Cleansing
2. I AM Sleeping
3. I AM Safe
4. I AM Joy
5. I AM Remembering
6. I AM Merlin
7. I AM Calm
8. I AM True