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9 - Realusion

For the embodied Master on Earth, it becomes important to understand how this reality came into being and how it can be changed. After telling the enthralling story of Carl, who is about to drown in quicksand, Adamus explains in detail how you can change any situation in which you find yourself. When you become aware of gravity, time and space each as a sensuality – a way of experiencing – it completely changes how the energy comes in to serve you. Even though ‘Adamus Physics’ goes far beyond modern science and even quantum physics, he says these disciplines are beginning to recognize how energy and matter actually do respond to consciousness, and it’s all about perception and perspective.

This “real illusion” is brought into being by consciousness, which until now has been mostly obscured by a membrane. However, as this barrier is released, one’s entire relationship with energy changes, which then allows everything in your reality to change. Adamus states that every human has the right to change their perspective, and by doing so, reality can be whatever you choose. He talks about how everything is actually within you, perceived through your own lens or filter, and is therefore completely changeable.

Ever the eloquent storyteller, Adamus illustrates these principles with the story of Carl, who panics as he finds himself mired and sinking in quicksand. It is an effective and memorable way of getting the point across. And, as Carl finally opens up and gets out of his mind, each epiphany that he allows is one the listener can truly relate to. You will come away with a whole new understanding of energy, of this human reality, and how to liberate yourself from the old limitations. It is what Adamus calls the wizard effect.


1. The Master and Carl (44:05)
The Master is in his celestial spa when he hears Carl, his human self, desperately crying out for help. Carl is stuck in quicksand, his struggles only getting him in deeper, so the Master appears and begins sharing his wisdom. With only moments to go before his imminent death, at last Carl begins to open up and allow the membrane of his “memory brain” to begin releasing. Regardless of the ultimate outcome for the human, this is a profound moment for the Master.

2. Epiphany (39:20)
Moments from death, Carl is now allowing some profound epiphanies to come in. Deeply realizing that “I Exist!” he now understands that he is the creator, the observer, the experiencer and the wisdomizer of everything in his life. In the midst of crisis, he can finally see that consciousness – his consciousness – is the basis of all reality, and he wants to remember this always. Now Carl is faced with a choice: drown in the quicksand or change his perspective. What will he do? This is your story as well.

3. Allowing Consciousness (39:21)
For Carl, it was a moment of truth and a moment of death, something that happens to everyone at this point in Realization. His consciousness expanded, and something happened to completely shift his reality. Now where is the Master? He has gone from sight. Carl began to hear music; it is energy, the song of the soul. You don’t have to go into such a state of crisis in order to release the membrane and realize that time and space are not what they appear to be. Nothing exists without consciousness, and you can experience the implications of this in your life right now. There’s a bit of Carl in you, what will you choose?

4. Gravity (50:53)
Shifting one’s perspective – it is the wizard effect. It’s very natural, but rare among humans. If you’re staying embodied on Earth, it’s important to know there are many different perspectives you can choose. The limitations of physical reality are very seductive; freedom is when you see it all comes from within. Adamus talks about the membrane, gravity and physics. He says gravity is “the ultimate glue” that holds reality together – and you in it. Gravity: it’s origins are from the Order of the Arc, it is the ultimate answer to the energy crisis, and it is the biggest factor of your reality. When you realize gravity as a sensuality,everything begins to change.

5. Time, Space and Energy (59:57)
The secret is realizing the real illusion of this reality, the “Realusion,” and simply shifting your perspective, like a wizard. Adamus talks about his friendship with Immanuel Kant, and how he learned to go beyond the limitations of physical reality. With a shift in perspective, time and space simply do not exist. He explains how time can become your friend (even aging is just a perception) and how the Master allows time, space and energy to truly be in service as they respond to consciousness. This is a fascinating session with meta physics that will eventually be understood by scientists. Near the end, Adamus leads a merabh to bring it all together.

6. Merabh of Realusions (39:17)
Even though all this is a type of science, it’s really just about changing your perspective of reality and experiencing the sensuality of life. Reality is a matter of perception, how you see things, and you can shift it at any time. Now, the energies are all yours – familiar, responsive and supportive. All you need to do is dance with them and see how they respond.

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