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The Land of Blue

I really love to share an interesting story/parable with you... (also published as an article on my LinkedIn

In my opinion, a beautiful metaphor about reality, humans trapped in the Realusion, where the only way out is to GO Inside... Everything you DO on the outside, even your spiritual journey B.S. (believe systems ; bull-shit) is 'the same whore with a different dress'​, chasing rainbows or tilting windmills, replacing the old act for a spiritual one...  VERY interesting story that shines a light on the life we now experience. True spirituality is really something else...

Already visually beautiful expressed in the trailer of the coming documentary Rude Awakening - beyond awakening, about Self-discovery.

A parable about the human reality 

The Master talks to his student about why human life is the way it is, why she is feeling stuck in her current situation, and how to allow the energy to change. He tells the parable of The Land of Blue, a place where other colors were forgotten in the constant desire to acquire more and better blue. In this story, blue represents time, which holds in place everything in the human reality and, especially, in the human mind. And yet, every other reality still exists, and can be perceived by allowing oneself to open up into enlightenment and true freedom.

In this story, Adamus explains how to tap into and perceive the “more” that we know is here. It’s not about fighting what is, but rather getting out of your own way and allowing yourself to know that you’re no longer trapped in time.

From the book Memoirs of a Master by Adamus Saint-Germain

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The Land of Blue

Nearly every evening the Master took a walk out in nature, usually by himself. He loved the quiet time. He loved the safe space that a walk provided him, for it was a space where he could open up to nature and all of the inter-dimensional energies.

He loved this also as a time of re-balancing, because even though he was a Master, the energies of the planet and other people, and sometimes even his own past affected him, throwing him off balance and bringing him back into limitation. During these solitary evening walks, when he could feel the ground beneath his feet and the air upon his skin, he allowed himself to re-balance.

However, on this particular day, he decided to invite one of his students to come along with him. He had been keeping an eye on Christina lately because he could see that she was having challenges. This experience of moving into embodied enlightenment was very difficult for her, and the Master could see that she had come to a point of getting very stuck.

This often happens with those who are on the path to enlightenment, and it can be overwhelming. Sometimes, they get so caught in their own perceptions that the energy tends to freeze up. It simply doesn’t move, and then the student tries to get out of the stuck energies using stuck energy itself, which of course only makes everything worse.

And that’s exactly what the Master had noticed lately with Christina.

So, he invited her out for a walk on this particular evening. As they walked along, she started to cry and finally said, “Oh Master, why is it so difficult? I know in my heart I’ve chosen enlightenment. I am so committed to it, but it is so hard in many ways. There are days when I don’t think I can go any further; when I think I must have missed something.

I don’t feel the ease and grace that the other students seem to have. Is it because my past is so heavy? Is it because I am weak and lack insight? Dear Master, what am I doing wrong? Why do I feel so stuck? Why do I feel like I want to escape but have no place to escape to? I want to go back to the time long before I ever embarked on this path of enlightenment, because in a way it was easier back then. Everything was simpler. I didn’t have all these overwhelming sensitivities and thoughts and feelings. But of course, I know I can’t go back, so I feel utterly trapped.” She sniffled a bit.

The Master walked on in silence, breathing the air and feeling into Christina’s dilemma. Finally, he said, “Dear Christina, let me tell you the story of the Land of Blue.” Christina listened through her tears as the Master began telling the story.


The Land of Blue wasn’t always blue. In the very beginning, it was the Land of Light and included all colors – white, yellow, orange, red, violet, blue – even colors that you could never perceive through the human eye. All colors were there, but the most treasured of colors was blue, particularly a vivid, brilliant electric blue.

As time passed and many, many generations came and went, there were those who sought blue above all other colors. They worshipped blue, and some were able to bring more blue into their life than others. Blue became the color of power, wealth and intelligence. Blue became the elite color in the Land of Light, to the point that all people began to seek and desire nothing but blue.

Finally, with so much focus on blue over so many generations, everything in the Land of Light was now only blue.

Gone were gold and pink and green and all the other colors of the spectrum, for everything in this land was now blue. The trees were blue. The ground was blue. The food was blue and people were blue. Of course, now that blue was so important, the sky became blue because it was above everything, and the water also became blue because it was such an important element to life itself.

Now, there were different shades and hues of blue, but at the core, everything in the Land of Light had now become blue. There were people who now accumulated and hoarded blue, who kept the highest levels of blue away from other people. There were those who used the electric vibrant blue for their currency, wealth and power. All the land had turned blue.

Many more generations passed and now it was simply assumed that everything was blue. The people no longer had any memory that there had ever been any other colors, for all they knew was blue. Life went on like this for a long time within what was now the Land of Blue. Blue was used for barter and for power, even as a form of energy. It was all blue.

At a certain point, there was a small number of people scattered throughout the land who began feeling uneasy and uncomfortable. They felt something wasn’t right, but they didn’t know what it was. They felt impatient, aggravated, even rebellious, but they had no understanding of why they felt this way. Others told these people that there must be something a little bit wrong with them; that they should be satisfied with the blue that they had, even if it wasn’t much; that they should stop looking for something else and just try to fit in to blue. When they talked to others about their anxiety, they were told, “You just have to make blue work better for you. That’s the whole key to being here in this Land of Blue. It’s all about blue. Just be happy with it and stop fighting it. Stop turning against it. Just be more blue, that’s all you need.”

These people tried very hard to fit in to blue. They joined blue enhancement groups and blue therapy groups. They tried to focus on acquiring more of the brilliant electric blue. They tried to make blue a bigger part of their life, but at the core they were still unhappy. They thought something was wrong with them. They felt odd and different, and looked down on themselves for it.

These few people in the Land of Blue were actually feeling into the fact that there was something much, much more. They tried to figure out what that ‘more’ was, but they were using blue books, reading blue literature and seeking blue advice, none of which could help them at all. They tried praying to blue. They went to blue gurus and blue healers, trying to figure out what was wrong, but nothing helped.

The problem was that they intuitively knew there was something more, much more, and they were right. Part of them remembered back to the time of the Land of Light when there was gold and green, crimson and violet and all the other colors, even white and black. They were not only feeling what had existed before in the Land of Light; they were also feeling what was still there. Even though everything was now immersed in blue, in reality it wasn’t only blue. People had become so focused blue that they had reduced their spectrum awareness, their ability to sense and feel anything beyond blue. So, even though all the other colors were still around them, everyone was trapped in blue and could perceive nothing else.

These color rebels knew there was something more. They could feel it; they just didn’t know how to tap into it. And when they tried to immerse themselves in blue and make blue be the satisfactory color, they felt even worse. 


“Dear Christina,” the Master said, “This is much like you. We are both in a Land of Blue right now as we’re out on this beautiful evening walk. It means that society and humans have gotten so trapped in their own limitation, so focused on a few elements that are only part of the truth but not the whole truth, that it’s almost impossible to get out, because humans right now are using tools from within their prison to try to get out of it. They are just like the people in the Land of Blue who were trying to use blue to get out of blue. It simply doesn’t work.”

At this point, Christina stopped and looked down at the ground in a moment of contemplation. Then she said, “Master, I feel what you are talking about. I feel that I am trapped in something, but I don’t know what it is. Like you said, I have been trying to use tools and methods from within this trap to try to get out of it. But how can I possibly know what is outside? I’ve tried everything but how can I possibly break out? How can I become free like you are?”

The Master took a good deep breath and said, “Dear Christina, it’s about allowing yourself to recognize what your blue is.”

“It’s quite simple,” he continued. “The blue here on the planet is actually the element of time, and humans have gotten deeply stuck and trapped in it. In the beginning, time was an element that allowed the angels on Earth to experience yet another quality of sensuality and dimensionality. But then they got stuck in time; in routines, patterns and processes. As humans, they eventually came to believe that they were the ones moving through time, when indeed the opposite has always been true: Time responds to and moves through consciousness. And at everyone’s core is just that – consciousness.

“Money isn’t causing humans to do what they do; it’s actually time. And you’ve become part of that. Time created the mind, which then works within the confines of time. In fact, the mind knows nothing but time. It cannot possibly imagine going beyond time, just as those people in the Land of Blue could not imagine anything beyond blue. But when you use your mind, which is a construct of time, to try to get out of time, instead it only intensifies, making time deeper, thicker and more difficult to get out of.

“First, dear one, recognize that it is the element of time in which you are stuck, and then recognize that this is not your natural state of being. In other words, you cannot possibly stay in this state forever. You can have deep and long adventures in time, but you cannot possibly stay trapped in it. There are certain things that people could do in the Land of Blue to prolong their existence in blue, or that you can do to prolong your time within time. But it is an unnatural state, and once you recognize that, it begins to free you.

“What can you do? In a way, the answer is nothing. Or, said differently, it is to get out of your own way. Stop trying to fight blue with blue. Stop trying to break out of blue by using blue tools. Take a deep breath and realize that this is not your natural state of being. It was an experience, a very sensual experience, but now tap into your feeling that there’s something more, because there is. Tap into the I Exist, because that’s the very thing that’s telling you there is so much more than time. There’s so much more than blue.

“As you tap into the consciousness of ‘I Exist,’ you realize ‘I Am that I Am. I’m not time and I’m not blue. I’m not human and I’m not limited.’ And, as you truly allow yourself to feel deeply into the ‘I Exist,’ the ‘I Am that I Am,’ then you will get another knowingness – ‘I Know that I Know.’ This will validate your feelings that there is so much more. The ‘I Know that I Know’ reminds you that, indeed, you do know and you always have known. You’ve been very hard on yourself, wondering what’s wrong with you, but there’s nothing wrong. You just know that there is more than living in the Land of Blue or in the Land of Time.

“When you take a deep breath and feel into the ‘I Know that I Know,’ you’ll realize it’s not the mind just trying to create another linear time sequence for you. You’ll realize that you know there’s so much more, and it’s right here. And then, simply step out of your old time-filled way and allow the natural evolution, the natural return to yourself to happen.

 “At times it’s going to be uncomfortable, because there is a part of you that’s deeply immersed in the mental time-based reality. You have to be willing to accept that whatever happens in your life now is releasing you from the limitations of the mind and of time itself. When things come along that your time-based self is uncomfortable with or that causes fear and panic, it’s important that you take a deep breath and simply allow it.

“This applies to everything. Whether it’s interactions with other people or experiences in your own life, whether the mind considers it to be good or bad, it doesn’t matter. It is about coming to such a point of trust in yourself that you allow the natural evolution beyond the mind and beyond time to take place, to the point where you simultaneously live within time-based reality and are also aware of living within other realities as well. These other realities aren’t far away. It is only the mind that sees them at a distance. These other realities are right here, right now. I can see them.

They’re already part of you, but they’re simply not recognized by the spectrum within which your mind functions.

“It’s simply taking a deep breath from the ‘I Exist’ into the ‘I Am’ into the ‘I Know that I Know’ and allowing yourself to shift into timeless while also being within time. It feels a little uncomfortable at first, because suddenly there is no past or future; everything is right in the Now. There’s no more past to hang on to and claim as yours, because there is no past when you’re timeless. There is no more planning and plotting for the future, because in timelessness there is no future. It’s all in the Now. That’s when you have another liberating realization: ‘I Am Here.’

And ‘Here’ is wherever you choose to be. Never again stuck in Blue or in Time.

“Each day may be different, and it may get to the point where you forget what day it is or even where on the planet you live – and it doesn’t matter. You have to be willing to let go of things that have been the foundations for your linear, time-based, very blue life. In fact, letting go is all that’s required from you.

“It is important to understand that it’s not even you – this blue, time-based human – who has the responsibly to get out of time and into enlightenment. Please recognize that it’s not up to you. The full You, the Free Self, is not expecting you to do it. As a matter of fact, your Free Self is asking you to stop trying, because you’re just using blue to try to get out of blue, and it will never work! Your true consciousness, your Free Self, wants to put its arms around you, hold you close and say, ‘Stop trying so hard to get out of blue. I’m already here. We are already here, beyond time and beyond the mind. Stop trying to figure all of this out and simply Allow.’

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Memoirs of a Master is a book of short stories told by Adamus Saint-Germain as part of his lectures to audiences around the world. The stories are based on or inspired by actual experiences, and are designed to help you see yourself as both the Master and the student. The student in each memoir is generally a compilation of many people, and the stories take place in contemporary life. The Master can be perceived as Adamus or any other enlightened teacher, but ultimately it is you. 

The stories are based on some of the more complex teachings of Adamus Saint-Germain. By putting this sacred information into story form, it becomes more personal, more understandable and, perhaps, more entertaining. And, woven into each story, you will find profound insights and many layers of wisdom. 

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