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I AM Safe

For one who is becoming an embodied Master on Earth, the feeling of safety can be a huge challenge due to increased sensitivity. You become aware of so much more – other people, other energies, your own body changes, even the unseen realms. This can make it difficult to open up and fully experience life as a Master. In “I Am Safe,” Adamus explains that being safe is about being in a consciousness of compassion and allowing, bringing your personal “safe space” hideaway into this realm, and allowing your light body (Free Energy Body) to meld with your biology.

Adamus talks about the main areas of unsafety. These are:

  1. The outer world, which seems unsafe in this era of instant news and potentially destructive technology
  2. The inner world with the “I am nots,” the ever-present “doubt filter” and our unpredictable biology
  3. The unseen worlds where disembodied entities try to scare you and feed on the fear. All of these can present great challenges to an aware Master, until one realizes their true safe space.

Then, in a beautiful merabh, Adamus guides you into your safe space, something that can now be brought with you into everyday life. It is not about protection, but rather compassion and Allowing. Whether you’re in a storm, venturing into new places, out in the chaotic world or with temperamental humans, you will truly be safe.

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