~ Consciously Creating  your Own Reality! ~

I Am Calm

Planet Earth is waking up, which brings a tremendous amount of chaos and upheaval. Because of your sensitivity and awareness, you can feel it all. Remember that the noise of this awakening is not yours. You have all the tools you need – passion, compassion, heart and wisdom – to maintain your own balance, happiness and stability in this time of change and restructuring. As you sink into the merabh of I Am Calm, a very special being comes in to reassure you beyond every doubt that “It all works out beautifully.” It is your future self, inviting you to simply trust and allow your Realization.  

Adamus reminds us that “It’s okay to be calm” in the midst of chaos and invites you into an experience of allowing a deep calm to settle over your body and mind. Your future self comes in to let you know that everything works out, with one exception: There is a question you will soon be asked. And yet, no matter your answer, everything still works out perfectly.

Stay calm, stay clear and allow. Allow everything that you are right now.” ~ Adamus

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