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7 - I Am Creation

Beloved St. Germain reveals the true nature of creation – and how you can be a creator – in a way never before addressed in any spiritual, religious or philosophical materials. In this stunning presentation, St. Germain asks that you let go of all ideas and preconceptions about what you thought creation was, for I Am creation is something that has never before been experienced in the human reality. It is allowing the wisdom, integration and Realization of the Master self, and ultimately meeting the creator – you – within your creation. He makes it very clear that there is no room for wounds, fears and limitations, because applying creation principles will only embed these things deeper into your reality. In fact, this presentation is specifically for those on the path of mastery who have released old patterns and stuck energies from their lives and are now ready to allow their true creatorship to emerge.

According to St. Germain, I Am Creation requires a large amount of spiritual maturity, which means you’re no longer just focused on the human identity and its needs. While most of us are here in this lifetime for embodied Realization, St. Germain says we also came for something more – to be the I Am Creation within a physical body and reality. It marks the metamorphosis from the human caterpillar to the integrated butterfly, a natural process but one that can be hindered by holding on to old issues.

While there are no prerequisites to attend this class, both St. Germain and the Crimson Circle staff strongly urge you to experience and integrate “Master’s Life 6 – No More!” before participating in “I Am Creation.”

This Cloud Class was recorded in two parts, yet it is being offered as one subscription. You will be invited to listen to each session several times to truly integrate and embody its energy and information before moving on to the next. It is also recommended that you take a break of at least one to two weeks between the first five sessions and the last three. Each session includes a deep merabh experience.


1. I Exist (53:04)

St. Germain asks, “Is not true creation the very dream of why you’re here?” I Am Creation combines the human experience with the wisdom of the Master and all lifetimes, past and future. It has never been done before, so release all notions of what you think it means. He then invites you to join him in a “place of creation,” a beautiful twilight desert that you will return to again and again.

2. Wisdom (53:32)

Wisdom is what separates a Master from a typical human simply experiencing their journey. Without wisdom, energies remain stuck and cycles keep repeating. When St. Germain leads a deep merabh of experiencing wisdom, he says that creation without wisdom is like putting yourself into a prison.

3. The Now Future (48:49)

True creation requires spiritual maturity, which means you’re no longer focused on the human identity and needs. The next step is the Now Future, where you allow yourself to realize what is in the future, right now. In this profound experience, you’ll feel how it truly comes to you, and how the potentials in your life rearrange themselves to support your choice of Realization.

4. Energy (42:03)

Most would-be “creators” start with energy, but without the basis of I Exist and the balance of wisdom, it doesn’t work. Returning to the twilight desert, St. Germain guides an experience of energy, explaining exactly what it is, how it works and how it supports your creation. He states that if you’re not ready to let energy serve you completely, then you should not move into the next steps.

5. The Awe of Creation (26:23)

After covering the important preliminary information, St. Germain now brings you back to the twilight desert to experience the breathtaking awe of creation. In many ways it is beyond words for, as he asks, how do you describe something of such magnificence? You must simply allow the experience.

After fully assimilating and integrating the first five segments, move on to the next three.

6. Creator Within Creation (55:53)

After a short recap and reminder, St. Germain brings you back to the twilight desert of creation. He explains that the soul, the I Am, is constantly experiencing the joy of its unknown creation, regardless of what that experience might be to the human. He states that “Creation is simply the sublime joy of Beingness. No energy, no force, no trying to make or produce something, no trying to heal the past. Just the joy.” Here, when you meet your Self within creation, everything changes.

7. Realization (36:59)
St. Germain explains how this joy of the I Exist goes forth into experience, including into the human expression which then gets lost and feels alone. But the longing to be back in that joy is what Tobias called the Fruit of the Rose. “Realization is simply the creator meeting itself as the human within their creation.

8. The Living I Am (1:01:58)

Adamus, the facet created by St. Germain, comes in for this final session. After talking about how much time and work it has taken to come to this point, he tells a beautiful Master’s Story to bring it all together. Then, in the final “Merabh for Creation,” he states that life will never be the same for those who have allowed this step. “What you’re in right now is the living I Am,” the creator within its creation, here in the human reality.

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