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I AM Joy

Joy is always there. It is the natural state of any living thing and comes from deep within. The I Am and the Master self are always in a state of joy. However, in the conflicted and chaotic experience of being human, joy is often covered over, lost or forgotten. When you allow the awareness of joy to return, you return to a state of innocence, vulnerability and the safety. Whatever challenges you are facing, even pain, depression or lack, allowing the return of joy changes how energy serves you.

Unlike the human emotion of happiness, joy is not dependent on other people, circumstances or anything else outside of you. “To be alive is to be in joy” and even sorrow, anger and depression are experiences of life and therefore contain joy at their core. After speaking about joy, what it is and where to find it, Adamus leads a beautiful merabh for allowing the joy to return to your awareness. It changes everything, for joy is a sense, a way of perceiving reality. Allow yourself to bring the awareness of joy back into your life!

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